French For Rabbits (foto: Lily Paris West)

24 Stunden mit … French For Rabbits

Zehn Jahre lang sind French For Rabbits schon gemeinsam unterwegs. Jetzt hat die neuseeländische Indie-Pop-Kapelle (Soft Goth, Dream Pop) ihr drittes Album „The Overflow“ veröffentlicht. Es  folgt auf die Vorgänger “Spirits” (2014) und “The Weight of Melted Snow” (2019). Läuft also für die Band, die man auch schon als Support für Lorde und Agnes Obel erleben konnte. Sympathisch: Trotz Millionen von Streams und Platzierungen ihrer Musik in TV-Shows wie „Vampire Diaries“ und „Being Human “ bleiben French For Rabbits – bestehend aus Sängerin Brooke Singer, Gitarrist John Fitzgerald, Drummer Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa sowie den Multiinstrumentalisten Ben Lemi and Penelope Esplin – ihren DIY-Wurzeln treu. So sind sie Teil der lokalen Plattenfirma Home Alone und spielen jeweils in verschiedenen anderen Bands ihrer Heimatstadt Wellington. Kurz vor dem Release ihres Albums am 12. November ist diese 24-Stunden-Episode entstanden.

You’ve Got Mail

At the moment we are preparing to release our new record ‘The Overflow’ so normally my mornings are spent writing and replying to emails. This is the secret life that all musician’s lead! The neighbour’s cat likes to sit next to me in the sun, and get pats. (foto: singer)


My partner is studying weevils in a place called Mana Island, so I went to pick him up at the marina. I love to go to the marina, and to look at all the boats. In French for Rabbits, I often sing about the natural world, and I find inspiration by being in it. (foto: singer)


We often go to visit this local reserve – there are many bugs and a very small New Zealand crayfish called a kōura which lives here in abundance. It is beautiful at night because the glow worms light up. (foto: singer)

Test Pressing I

Today, I received the test pressing of our new album ‘The Overflow’ which is being printed here in New Zealand at Holiday Records, and also over in Czech Republic. I am so excited, as it feels like the culmination of months of hard work and dedication. (foto: singer)

Test Pressing II

I wasn’t prepared for how emotional it would make me feel! What a dream it is to have our new album on vinyl. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Here I am having a little cry on first listen. (foto: singer)


At the moment, we are not on tour. But yesterday, I went to my friend Lake South’s album release. We are only able to have small shows at the moment due to Covid-19 restrictions. It was a lovely evening, and he made this beautiful book to accompany the album. Here, I am a spy. (foto: singer)


Bonus: Although we’re not on tour at the moment and I normally only see the band once a week for a rehearsal…I thought I’d share a behind the scenes photo from a recent tour. Our drummer Hikurangi has been using the SPD to add more of the elements from the new record in our live performance. It makes our shows more exciting and dynamic. Here is a blurry pic of him and Ben figuring out a new arrangement. (foto: singer)


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