Eliza Shaddad (foto: Mel Tjoeng)

24 Stunden mit … Eliza Shaddad

Keine Frage: Eliza Shaddad gehört zu den spannendsten jungen Künstlerinnen Großbritanniens. Die Musikerin aus dem Londoner Stadtteil Shoreditch wurde einst von Clean Bandits Jack Patterson bei der Straßenmusik entdeckt und hat 2018 mit „Future“ ihr Debütalbum vorgelegt. Mittlerweile steht die Gute mit ihrer nächsten EP „Sept ~ Dec“ (24. Januar) in den Startlöchern. Darauf bewegt sich die Tochter sudanesischer und britischer Eltern weg vom Dark Pop vergangener Tage und klingt nun etwas grungiger. Im Herbst soll ihr zweites Album folgen. Vorher hat uns Eliza aber noch einen Einblick in ihren Alltag gewährt.

Fave Pic

This is one of my favourite pics. It’s by Flore Diamant who’s come on a few tours with me to document it all  – in fact I’m sitting next to her on the Eurostar right now as we head out on the latest tour with Keane:).  (foto: flore diamant)


I didn’t have enough pedals to feel like I needed a pedalboard for the longest time, but eventually the numbers grew until last year on tour with Island I started using this random little bit of carpet as a way to get my increasingly large number of pedals on and offstage quickly.  Unfortunately it wasn’t as useful as hoped because the velcro was never strong enough and they often fell off it, but it made me feel at home wherever I went, and it made most sound engineers smile which was a good start to soundcheck! (foto: flore diamant)

Soundcheck Superstition

I feel quite superstitious about soundchecks – I think if they go well then the gig won’t be as good as I hope, but if it goes badly the gig will probably be great haha – I think it’s a relativity thing, and stupid, but I always think it:) (foto: flore diamant)

Hugging Time

Before going onstage we’ve started doing this thing where we look each person in the eye for 10 seconds, counting down:) It’s a well weird but really nice way to connect before playing together. (foto: flore diamant)

Humping Bags

A lot of touring is humping bags around from one location to another in bad weather, and it can be scary and stressful and feel like a big risk because there are so many logistics and people involved… But as soon as you’re onstage in front of a great audience playing the songs that mean so much to you, it’s all forgotten:) It’s the most magical bit of the whole industry for me when it goes right – so you just gotta smile and get on with it and enjoy the ride:) (foto: flore diamant)



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