Bow Anderson (foto: annie reid)

24 Stunden mit … Bow Anderson

Sie gehört zu Schottlands vielversprechendsten Newcomerinnen: Bow Anderson. Gerade ist mit „20s“ der erste Song des angehenden Popstars 2022 erschienen. Auch dieses Jahr lässt sich also gut an für die Künstlerin aus dem Osten Edinburghs, die im vergangenen Jahr mit Mimi Webb und Ella Eyre auf Tour war, ihre ersten Headline-Shows gespielt hat und bei den renommierten Scottish Music Awards den Preis für den besten Pop-Act gewonnen hat. Übrigens: Als Bow Ella in London supportete, ist auch diese 24-Stunden-Episode entstanden. Enjoy!

Supporting Ella Eyre

I was supporting Ella Eyre on her UK tour and this was the last show! (foto: anderson)


Me and the boys arrived at O2 Kentish Town Forum in London!! (foto: anderson)


We did soundcheck, it was so surreal. The last time I was in this venue I was doing backing vocals so to come back and play my own songs was amazing! Very humbled and grateful! (foto: anderson)

The List

 Giving you an insight, here was the set list! I had to remind myself of some lyrics as a trigger haha! (foto: anderson)


Backstage! Doing some vocal warm ups and getting ready to perform. (foto: anderson)


We performed and I loved every minute of it!! The crowd were incredible. Moments like this remind me how lucky and grateful I am to have the job I do. (foto: anderson)

The nicest person

Me and Ella got a pic at the end of the tour. She is the loveliest person, so supportive. Her voice is incredible, I really look up to her. (foto: anderson)

Jolly Jumper

At the end of the night this lovely fan came up to me and asked me to sign his Nike jumper. He was a little drunk so I hope he didn’t regret it in the morning haha!! All in all a great day! (foto: anderson)

Happy Release Day!

Oh, and my song 20s also came out at midnight which I was buzzing about! I was on a big screen in Hamburg which was a first for me and was so cool! (foto: anderson)



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