Al Lewis (foto: Kirsten McTernan)

24 Stunden mit … Al Lewis

Al Lewis mag vielen als Teil des Folk-Americana Duos Lewis & Leigh (mit Alva Leigh) ein Begriff sein. Die beiden haben sich vor allem mit ihrem Debütalbum „Ghost“ in die Herzen vieler Hörer in Europa gespielt. Ihre Musik wird immer wieder in Shows auf HBO, NBC und Netflix gespielt. Mittlerweile wandeln beide Künstler auf Solopfaden, Al hat 2020 ein walisisches Konzeptalbum namens „Te yn y Grug / Tea in the Heather“ veröffentlicht, im Dezember 2021 diesem dann mit „Moving On Moving Past“ eine EP folgen lassen. Reinhören lohnt sich. Und reinschauen – und zwar in diese 24-Stunden-Episode, die wir mit Al auf die Beine gestellt haben.


This is where I spend most of my days lately, at my shipping container studio, which I’ve been renting for a few years here in Cardiff. (foto: lewis)

Container Studio

We are a collection of small independent businesses each working out of our own containers. There are all sorts of different businesses down here. I’ve made my container into my very own little music studio. (foto: al lewis)

Here Is Where Everything Is

This is where I make my music, I have all my guitars and synths set up in here and can record everything apart from drums … (foto: al lewis)


Not enough room! (foto: al lewis)


Apart from making music, I’ve also been making a new podcast about the relationship between grief and creativity. Talking to other artists about how grief has influenced their life. Here I am talking to my friend the singer/songwriter Sarah Howells (Bryde). (foto: lewis)


Recently at night we have had the most beautiful sunsets during the last few weeks down at the studio. (foto: al lewis)

Good Neighbour

One of my neighbours at the yard are a brewery ‘Flowerhorn’ which can be very useful on some nights! (foto: al lewis)

Barry Island Beach

When I’m not in the studio, me, Hannah and the girls love to head down to Barry Island Beach to grab some fresh sea air and watch the waves come in. (foto: al lewis)


We are so lucky to have the seaside so close to where we live here in Wales. (foto: al lewis)



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