You Me At Six (foto: underdog records)

„Back Again“: You Me At Six mit neuem Video

Rechtzeitig zur Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Albums „VI“ haben You Me At Six ein Video zu ihrer aktuellen Single „Back Again“ rausgehauen.

Inspiriert vom Film „The Big Lebowski“, der diese Woche sein 20-jährigens Jubiläum feierte, ist der Schauplatz des unterhaltsamen Videos natürlich – eine Bowlingbahn.


Regisseur Daniel Broadley über das Video: „Following on from 3AM, I wanted to carry on doing something that fans of You Me At Six wouldn’t expect. With dancing ticked off the list, I felt like comedy and playing homage to a cult classic film would be a fun way to go, and the guys really ran with it. I’m not sure I’ve laughed more whilst on set!”

Und Sänger Josh Franceschi fügt hinzu: “Back Again is a really fun and lighthearted song for us and we wanted to have a video which also reflected that. As soon as we read Dan’s treatment we knew it was perfect especially as we’re all fans of bowling and it was an excuse to do that and also chill with my dog for the day!”


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