The Wombats (foto: tom oxley)

24 Stunden mit … The Wombats

Fast 20 Jahre sind die britischen Indie-Rocker The Wombats schon aktiv. Mit ihrem fünften Studioalbum „Fix Yourself, Not The World“, das vergangene Woche erschien, hat die Kapelle aus Liverpool jetzt das nächste Kapitel ihrer Erfolgsgeschichte aufgeschlagen. Zumindest was den Arbeitsprozess anging, ist es eine typische Pandemie-Platte. Denn aufgenommen wurde das Werk an den verschiedenen Wohnorten der Band. Frontmann Matthew “Murph” Murphy werkelte in Los Angeles, Bassist Tord Øverland Knudsen in Oslo und Schlagzeuger Dan Haggis in London. Man besprach sich via Zoom, nahm dann separat auf und schickte die einzelnen Dateien an die Produzenten. „It was pure madness, to be honest,” bringt es Murph auf den Punkt. Glücklicherweise haben sich die Jungs aber wieder zusammengefunden. Und so konnte diese 24-Stunden-Episode in Australien entstehen.


Coffee is an integral part of the morning ritual to get ready for the day ahead and to kickstart the creative part of the brain. (foto: band)

Aussie Breakfast

We love Australia and particularly the breakfast/brunch culture. They take their breakfast as seriously as any other meal of the day, so we are always on the lookout for places doing this kind of breakfast. (foto: band)


Rehearsal for our upcoming acoustic sessions. It’s fun rearranging and making different versions of our songs with other instruments. (foto: band)


All of us are really into food and we always try to eat something fairly healthy when we are on the road (or at home) although it is difficult with the touring schedule being unpredictable from time to time. One of the perks though with the touring is that we get to try a lot of different food and go to restaurants all over the world! (foto: band)

Walking to Session

Whenever we can we would rather walk than getting in a car or on any other form of transport. Here we are walking to BBCs legendary studios at Maide Vale to record a live-session for BBC Radio 1. (foto: band)

Recording Live-Session

It’s always amazing coming to this historic building where pretty much EVERYONE has recorded at some point of their career. The engineers here really know how to make things sound good! (foto: band)

Pre-Gig Power Nap

When we are going through busy periods when we are out on the road we try to grab any opportunity to “recharge the batteries”. I am often referred to as “The Norwegian King of Power Naps” although in this photo it is Dan putting his head down for a minute! (foto: band)

The Gig

The highlight of the day is always to be in a room with a crowd of people who enjoy this as much as we do. It really makes everything we do worthwhile and gives us a purpose to continue to do what we love! (foto: band)



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