Ida Mae (foto: Joe Hottinger)

24 Stunden mit … Ida Mae

Nach der Veröffentlichung der „Raining For You“-EP im letzten Jahr, meldet sich das britische Duo Ida Mae zurück. Im Sommer, genauer: am 16. Juli, erscheint mit „Click Click Domino“ das zweite Album der Band. Auch hier soll es wieder die intensive Mischung aus dreckigen Bluesgitarren, leidenschaftlichen Keyboards und wunderbaren Harmonien zu hören geben. Ein paar Teaser gab es schon, zuletzt erschien mit „Road To Avalon“ eine neue Single als Vorgeschmack. Uns gewährte das Musiker-Ehepaar, Stephanie Jean und Chris Turpin, nun Einblick in das Allerheiligste: das Studio.

So it begins

Today we begin tracking an entire filmed live record in a day. Before the pandemic we’d had a tireless touring schedule, travelling the length and breadth of the USA, UK & Europe. A lot of this has been on our own, just the two of us and a guitar on the backseat of a hire car, from bar shows in Mississippi, basement clubs in Paris to stadiums in New York.  After almost 12 months of being off the road we’ve been rehearsing in isolation for months ready to record this shoot to accompany the release of our second record ‘Click Click Domino’. We have a fully tested film crew of friends ready to film us in a studio out in the wilds of the English Countryside … (foto: ida mae)

Breakfast of Champions

We start the day in a rather traditional fashion. Yorkshire tea and Weetabix – an essential item for a healthy creative mind! (foto: ida mae)

Blue Sky Caffeine

The day before we loaded in a ton of our equipment, vintage guitars, Vox column speakers and amplifiers and have a half a day rehearsal with our band – Ethan Johns on drums and Nick Pini on bass. We begin that morning with more caffeine and long conversation…it’s a beautiful sunny day. (foto: ida mae)
(siehe oben) (foto: ida mae)


We work until the late morning, have a short run through and settle in with the camera crew for the first half of the day and discuss guitar tones and pedals for certain tracks. (foto: ida mae)


Mid way through the day… extreme concentration is necessary having not played in so long… Steph here with her favourite thing, her Wurlitzer 200a keyboard. (foto: ida mae)

Midnight Oil I

The recording studio is glass walled and we track into the night checking the mixes in the control room. (foto: ida mae)

Midnight Oil II

We track all day, recording everything in one or two takes. (foto: ida mae)

Midnight Oil III

By midnight we’ve tracked everything, begin to pack up and disappear into a freezing cold English night, the heavens open and the wind picks up as we drive everything home. (foto: ida mae)



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