Dizzy (foto: pooneh ghana)

24 Stunden mit … Dizzy

Eine selbstzerstörerische Platte – so beschreiben Dizzy ihr zweites Album „The Sun and Her Scotch“, das Ende des Monats erscheint. Die Platte setze sich mit den eigenen Schwächen auseinander, auf die man meist nicht sehr stolz ist und die Fehler, die man ungern zugibt. Völlig makellos hingegen ist diese 24-Stunden-Episode, die das kanadische Quartett um die Brüder Alex (Gitarre), Mackenzie (Bass), Charlie Spencer (Schlagzeug) und Sängerin Katie Munshaw für uns auf die Beine gestellt hat.


This is my morning coffee. I usually exclusively drink tea but you caught me on a sleepy day. The mug is from a thrift store in Philly and it makes me happy. (foto: dizzy)

Rocket Man

This is our drummer Charlie setting off a toy rocket. The wind has carried 3 different rockets away from us this year and we’re beginning to think we’re cursed.  (foto: dizzy)


These are my friends Cameron and Lena and this photo is of Lena discovering she has a very expensive beanie baby sitting in her childhood bedroom while on our video chat. (foto: dizzy)

Hugging Grandma, Social Distancing Edition

This is my grandma giving a socially distant hug. She makes dangerously good cherry pie and loves watching The Voice. (foto: dizzy)


These are my watercolours. I’m bad at it but it’s fun so I do it anyway. (foto: dizzy)

The Van

This is our embarrassingly large van that we tour in. We dressed it up for my friend Charlotte’s 25th birthday. We did a drive by birthday parade and it was sweet. (foto: dizzy)


This is my cat Spinelli. She likes to hide in the hostas and trap mice in our backyard. She’s kind of evil but I love her. (foto: dizzy)



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