Rosborough (foto: ignition records)

24 Stunden mit … Rosborough

In der nordirischen Musikszene gilt Glenn Rosborough als eines der großen zeitgenössischen Talente. Das hat sich bis zu Amy Madonald herumgesprochen, die den Guten im vergangenen Monat mit auf Tour nahm. Wer sich vom Talent des jungen Mannes überzeugen will, kann dies in diesem Jahr unter anderem beim „Hurricane“-Festival tun. Uns hat der junge Mann aus Derry Einblick in seinen Alltag gegeben.

24 Stunden mit Rosborough in Derry, Nordirland


 I like to start the day with a healthy cigarette and two cups of coffee. It gives me the energy I need to really get into the swing of things of replying to mail and googling guitars i can never afford (foto: rosborough)


2. I started drawing at Christmas time and I try to get an hours practice in before i leave the house. (foto: rosborough)

Drummer Boy

Then it’s off to my practice space. At the minute I’m teaching myself drums. I’ve tried to learn the basics on new instruments each year. Its so handy having somewhere where i can make as much noise as i need

The Nerve Centre

Then its into my studio in the Nerve Centre. When I’m not touring I try and knock out a song a day. It keeps me well practiced and most of all it stops me from getting bored. I don’t stick to any genre or formula, I just follow what comes on the day. (foto: rosborough)

Pub Poet

After „work“ I head to the pub for a cup of tea. I don’t drink that much these days, but pubs are usually full of far more interesting people than cafes. (foto: rosborough)

There’s a moonchild …

Lastly, at home I have a very nice telescope. I spend most clear nights sky watching. My favourite thing is taking pics of the moon, so much so that my band T Shirt is one of my moon pics. (foto: rosborough)



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