Eivør (foto: sigga ella)

24 Stunden mit … Eivør

„Sleep On It“ hat die in Kopenhagen lebende färöische Künstlerin Eivør eine ihre jüngsten Singles genannt. Passend. Es ist ja irgendwie auch ein Jahr, das man am besten verschlafen hätte. Entsprechend apokalyptisch ist auch das dazu gehörige Video, das sich Einar Egils erdacht hat. Aber: Es gibt auch Lichtblicke für Eivør. Gerade ist ihr neues Album „Segl“ erschienen. Und dann hatte sie endlich mal wieder die Gelegenheit, nach dem Lockdown vor Publikum zu spielen. Ein Moment, den sie für uns in dieser „24 Stunden“-Episode festgehalten hat.

Good Morning!

When I wake up in the morning COFFEE is all I can think of.  (foto: Eivør)


I buy my coffee beans at my local coffee shop and the first thing that happens every morning is that I brew myself a nice cup of organic coffee.  After a cup or two I will feel ready to meet the day ;) (foto: Eivør)


Today’s a big day.  I am traveling to DORTMUND to do my first proper show in a very long time after the lockdown. And it will be the ONLY proper show this year.  So I plan to enjoy it! I am overly excited to meet my band at the airport. It’s been so long since I saw them and it´s been so long since I did a proper show. Will I even remember how it’s done? ;) But before I go to the airport, there´s time for a morning walk and some fresh air! (foto: Eivør)


JEYY it’s so nice to see my homies again ! Here we are at the airport wearing our sexy masks! We are so ready for this adventure! (foto: Eivør)

Die Autobahn

A little taste of tour-life again and it feels GREAT. We are on the AUTOBAHN and we are listening to KRAFTWERK on BLAST in the tourbus! Life is good today. DORTMUND here we come ! (foto: Eivør)

Dortmund Konzerthaus

HERE WE ARE! I love this beautiful venue and the staff working here!  As you can see on the photo the seats are limited and they have done a great job on keeping the audience safe with some distance during the show.  We are playing 2 shows in a row tonight! Now let´s sound check! (foto: Eivør)

Let The Show Begin

Aaaaaand it´s happening. (foto: Nina Paul/The Mellow Music)


Here I am, on stage again, doing what I love. And I DO remember how´s it’s done! What an amazing feeling. What a great band. What a great audience. I feel blessed and I feel HIGH! What a good combo of emotions ;) (foto: Eivør)

Party Time

Back at the hotel. Still feeling high from these two shows we just played in a row.  Now, let´s party in Mikael’s room!!!!  Mikael is the bass player in my band and the party is ALWAYS in his room.  Not sure why. Just a habit I guess. He IS a good host though.  The party was so much fun that I FORGOT to take pictures!  Hah.  That’s a good sign though, right ? ;) (foto: Eivør)

Going Home

Everything comes to an end , and it’s time to go back home.  I bought a BLACK MASK for the journey back! I feel more like a ninja now. I’d rather look like a ninja than someone who works at a hospital. Here I am, greeting my awesome and  badass lady tour-manager Emily from Norway. She makes all these journeys so much more easy and fun. I hate to say goodbye, especially knowing that the rest of my touring has been moved to 2021. So feeling a little blue. BUT there ARE still many exciting things to come. (foto: Eivør)



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