The Acorn – Cumin

Unser Clip der Woche kommt diesmal aus dem Großen Weißen Norden: die kanadische Indie-Folk-Band The Acorn hat mit dem Video zu „Cumin“ diesmal das Rennen gemacht. „Cumin“ wurde aus dem Album „Vieux Lop“, das am 1. Juni bei Paper Bag Records erscheint.

Fünf Jahre war es etwas still geworden um die 2003 in Ottawa formierte Band. Mit „Vieux Lop“ veröffentlicht die Gruppe aber nun ihr erstes Album seit 2010.

Sänger Rolf Klausener beschreibt die neue Single so: „Basting in a slow-burning tension, an old lover and I were distracting ourselves with what would result in, a pretty terrible curry. We were a quiet mess, so was the kitchen, with spices strewn across the counter. I held my powdery fingers up to my nose, and took a whiff. I turned to her and asked what she thought they smelled like. She said „cumin.“ I glared and asked what else. „Gawwwd, you’re right,“ she said.

It seemed a fitting title for a meditation on desire. It’s all there in the lyrics. The song ended-up having this tampura-like drone. I founding myself Wiki’ing the spice trade, and ancient middle eastern shipping routes; I wanted the it to allude to richness, texture, aroma, etc. I don’t know, there’s something oddly pure and sensual about those huge, raw sacks of bold-coloured spices in a market bazaar, isn’t there? Desire sometimes has a slightly dark connotation; the love-addicted, and so on. But I like the idea of desire as truth.“